Information on the Altiris Agent Installer Service's AeXSWDinstSvc.exe


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




Where is information regarding the Altiris Agent Installer Service—AeXSWDInstSvc.exe?


Installer Service—AexSWDInstSvc.exe

  1. The actual install package for the Altiris Agent does not get pushed to the client computer. The installer service, named AeXSWDInstSvc.exe, is pushed to the client computer.
  2. The user account specified on the push page settings, or the Application Identity if no account is supplied, is the account that attempts to access the \\machinename\admin$ share on the destination computer.
  3. As soon as the Installer Service reaches the client computer, it begins to log information into the log file AeXSWDInstSvc.log, located at C:\<Windir>\System32. The .EXE resides in the Admin$ share (generally the %windir%).
  4. It will register the .EXE as a service. This service has limited ability for throttling and check-point recovery when downloading the Agent install Package. If a computer is rebooted before it has successfully downloaded the install package, the service will use check-point recovery to pick up where the download was terminated.

    Note: We install as a service so that if the installation is interrupted, such as from a computer reboot, the service will restart and attempt the download/install again.
  5. If a push fails and the AeXSWDInstSvc log does not exist, then the Installer Service did not reach the client computer. Troubleshoot access rights being used for the push and look at the status in the Altiris Agent push page. If the log does exist, review the details.
  6. There should be an Altiris Agent Installer service running under the Services console of the system.
  7. The installer service runs a minimal prerequisite check. It will check for:
    • Version 6.0 or higher of Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Windows NT 4 or higher
  8. The installer service will download the actual install package, named AeXNSC.exe.
  9. Next it executes the install package.
  10. Check the IIS logs on the Notification Server and use the IP address of the client you pushed the agent to compare communication between the client and the server.
  11. The communication between the client and server are sent as events to the Evtqfast directory just like any other small event generated by an Altiris Agent.
  12. Once the install package is executed, the AeXSWDInstSvc.exe removes itself as a Service.
  13. Then it removes itself (.EXE) from %windir%.