DS 7.1: How does Token Replacement work?


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Deployment Solution




We need to create custom jobs and/or scripts for Deployment Solution, such as replacing tokens in Sysprep.INF files.  How do we do this in DS 7.x?

How do Tokens work now?

The method for Token Replacement in Notification Server is significantly different than Deployment Solution. However once you understand it, the process is similar enough you shouldn't have any problems accomplishing what you want to do.

How to use Tokens in DS 7.1

Tokens still exist in DS 7.1, though there are less pre-defined (see below).  The defined tokens can be found in the console under Settings | All Settings, then Settings\Notification Server\Task Settings\Tokens.  These can either be edited (not recommended) or copied.  Additionally, new ones can be created.  They're all simply SQL statements, so they're pretty straight-forward to create.  A recommended method would be to copy the SQL from one into another and modify it.

Tokens can then be used in a task as a dynamic wild-card.  For instance, you could use the name of a computer in an email message when an error occurs.


What has changed:

# of Tokens

There are far fewer tokens defined "out of the box" in DS 7.1 than in DS 6.9.  The main reason for this is because we found that most of the tokens were rarely if ever used.  Some more will be added over time, but custom tokens are easy enough to create that this shouldn't be an issue.

REM ReplaceTokens
The first thing to be aware of is that this is no longer used.  If you have old scripts with this in it, take it out.

Sysprep.INF customization
This is a "special process" that was built for Unattended installations, but has not yet been implimented for the imaging process.  This has been requested for a later release.

Sysprep Work-around:  You can either use post-configuration tasks to do this (which for the most part will do everything you could do in a sysprep.inf or sysprep.xml file)   --OR--   you could make a custom VBScript that would do the same thing.