How to add a drill-down to an SQL report in ITMS
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How to add a drill-down to an SQL report in ITMS


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IT Management Suite


You are working on a new report, and want to add a drill-down function to it. How can I do that?


ITMS 8.x


For more information, please refer to our online documentation:

Creating a Drill-Down Computer Report


Note, In this example, we have duplicated the "Computers with Agents installed", and will now add the drill-down to it.

In the Symantec Management Console (SMC)

Select appropriate report
In the right-hand pane
In up upper right-hand corner, click Edit

In the report edit View

Go to Drilldowns (tab)

To create another drill-down action
- Click: Add

To complete drill-down

In Name field, give drill down a name

In Action Wireup (section)

  • set Available on field to the appropriate view (if there is more than one)
  • set Event field to Double-Click
  • Set Performs field to Open a URL in a new Window

In Action configuration (section)

  • set Open Url field to: /Altiris/Console/Dashboard/DashboardView.aspx?ResourceGuid={ITEMGUID.EN_US}

Note: the name of the parameter is "ItemGuid", and its replacement value will be defined below.

In Passing Parameters (section)
- Click: Add

In Passing Parameters window

  • set Passing form source field to Data Field
  • set the next field to the name of the field in the base SQL query, as shown in the drop-down menu.
    • In our example we'll select _ItemGuid from the drop down

Note: This drop down should contain the list of fields in the select statement in the SQL query. If these field names do not appear, then see the note below.

In Destination Parameter section

  • set Name at destination field to ItemGuid

Note: the value for this field must match the parameter used in the URL specified above.

  • Leave Transform to type field blank
  • click ok, to close the Passing Parameters window

Click Save Changes, to save the changes to this report.

How to test:

  • Wait for the report to appear
  • Double click on any row in the report
  • Now a new Resource Manager window appear with information about the resource on which you double-clicked


In the Passing Parameters window, the drop down menu should display a list of the fields in the SQL query.
If these fields do not appear, then cancel out this window, and if possible, click Save Changes, to let the report save. Then click on the edit button, and try again.
If the edit button does not appear in the upper right corner, then go to another report (or another page in the SMC), and then come back to this report. Then click on the edit button and try again.
If the edit button is still does not appear, then exit the SMC and come back in.