How to create a dynamic filter in SMP 7


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





How can I create a new dynamic filter in Notification Server 7.0? 

There are probably several ways to accomplish this, but this is one way I found that was fairly simple.

Follow these steps to create a dynamic filter:

1.       Clone the ‘All Computers’ filter and name it according to the machines it will show.  (For example, ‘All SYM Computers’ or something like that)

2.       Open the newly created filter and click on the Edit button.

3.       Change the ‘Filter Definition’ dropdown to ‘Query Mode: Raw SQL’ and click OK on the message that comes up.

4.       At the bottom of the query details (under the 'Parameterized Query' tab), add the following line:  (Modify to reflect your naming convention)

       a.       AND [name] like ‘SYM%’         (This will force the filter to only show machines that start with SYM in the NAME field.)

5.       Save changes and the filter should load only machines that match the criteria.

Examples of machines loaded:  SYMVM1, SYMDC, etc.