Client is missing policies and causing Software Updates to fail.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Client is missing policies and causing Software Updates to fail.


The following Policies will need to be checked and ensured they are configured as outlined:

  • Software Update Plug-in Install Policy - Rolls out the Patch Agent Plug-in.
    • Console > Settings > All Settings > Agents/Plug-ins > Software > Patch Management > Windows > Software Update Plug-in Install
    • Ensure it is targeting the appropriate Filter of machines, that are to be updated through Patch Management, and have the Altiris Agent installed.

  • Microsoft Vulnerability Analysis
    • Console > Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management > Microsoft Settings > Microsoft Vulnerability Analysis Policy
    • Targeting the appropriate Filter.
    • Running 'Only if Changed' and Every 4 hours.
      • Can be ran 'Always' and at a faster interval if the NS is able to handle the processes of the full Patch Inventory on each run.

  • Microsoft QChain Install - Run the Policy Manually to refresh the package replication to the Clients.
    • Console > Manage > Manage Jobs and Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Software > Patch Management > Download QChain
    • Disable 'Only Download if Modified'
    • New Schedule > Now