What permissions are needed for Patch Management?
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What permissions are needed for Patch Management?


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Patch Management Solution




ITMS 8.x


What permissions are needed for Patch Management?


In the SMP Console, go to Settings > Security > Account Management > Roles > Patch Management Rollout, and select the Privileges Tab.

  • Add Users to the Memberships tab if the privileges are acceptable.
  • Note the items selected on the Privileges Tab, for they can be transposed to another custom Security Role by cloning this role and editing out any nonessentials.

In the SMP Console, to view the Permissions of the Patch Management Rollout role, go to Settings > Security > Security Role Manager.

  • Select Role: drop down to show 'Patch Management Rollout'
  • Select View: drop down to show the desired portions of the console and set them accordingly
    • Example: 
      • Select Role: Patch Management Rollout
      • Select View: Console Menu > Home > Patch Management and Enable 'Read' rights
      • Select View: Portal Pages > Patch Management Dashboard Portal Pages > Windows Compliance and Enable 'Read' and 'Read Permissions' rights