Administering Symantec Brightmail Gateway through the command line


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Administering Symantec Brightmail Gateway through the command line

Each appliance (real or virtual) has a set of commands that you can use to configure, optimize, and administer your product. You can execute these commands from an SSH session or from the system console. The help for these commands is presented in Linux man page format.

See Command line interface access methods.

These help pages use the following Linux man page conventions:

  • Square brackets ([]) indicate that a statement is optional

  • The pipe character (|) indicates that one of two statements can be specified.

  • Text in italics indicates that the text should be replaced with the text that you specify.

The Symantec Brightmail Gateway man pages contain the following sections:

  • Synopsis

    A description of the options and arguments available for the command.

  • Description

    General information about the command.

  • Options

    Options that you can use to control the behavior of a command. Options always begin with one or two dashes, such as -s or --status. Use two dashes for the full term; one dash for the abbreviated term.

    Some options have arguments. For example, --log level. Square brackets mean that element of the command is optional.

    Not all commands have options.

  • Arguments

    Some commands require arguments. Arguments are names of files, host names, IP addresses, and so on that you specify to control the behavior of the command. Not all commands have arguments. Unlike options, you do not precede arguments with dashes.

  • Examples

    This section provides sample command usage. Not all commands have examples.

  • See Also

    This section lists related commands. Not all commands have see also references.

Use the following commands to navigate through the man pages:

  • f or SPACE

    Forward one window

  • b

    Backward one window

  • /pattern

    Search for a word or pattern

  • <

    Go to the beginning of the document

  • >

    Go to the end of the document

  • q


  • h

    Display more help with man pages

Type help command_name to get information about a specific command. Type help to get general information about command-line man pages.

The following commands are available: