Deploying an OVF template on an ESX 4.0 or ESXi 4.0 Server


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Deploying an OVF template on an ESX 4.0 or ESXi 4.0 Server

You can deploy an OVF template that contains Symantec Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition on a VMware ESX Server 4.0 or VMWare ESXi Server 4.0. An OVF template is a virtual machine that includes the software you plan to run on the machine. To deploy the OVF template, you can use a VSphere or VCenter client on a different computer than the computer hosting your ESX or ESXi Server.

If you intend to deploy on an ESX 3.5 or ESXi 3.5 Server, you must use the VMware vCenter Converter.

See Deploying an OVF template on an ESX 3.5 or ESXi 3.5 Server.

You may want to ensure that your guest computer is configured to restart when the host computer restarts. Consult your VMware documentation for more information.

If you cannot successfully complete this procedure, you can instead use an OS restore disk

See Installing from an ISO image or OS restore CD onto a virtual machine on your ESX or ESXi Server.

To deploy an OVF template on an ESX 4.0 or ESXi 4.0 Server

  1. Insert the DVD that contains the OVF template or locate the OVF template online.

    The OVF template file name is as follows:


    If you accessed the file online, proceed to step 2. If you inserted the DVD, proceed to step 3.

  2. If you access the file online, unzip the file.

    The OVF template zip file name is as follows:


    The unpacked folder appears as Symantec_Brightmail_Gateway_9.*.

  3. In the File menu, click Deploy OVF template.

  4. On the Source page, click Deploy from file.

  5. Select the file. If necessary, click Browse to find the file.

  6. Click Next.

  7. On the OVF Template Details page, verify that this is the file you want to deploy.

  8. Click Next.

  9. On the Name and Location page, optionally change the name for your virtual appliance, and click Next.

  10. If you are using vCenter, you can choose the physical machine that you want to host your virtual machine.

  11. On the Ready to Complete page, review your deployment details and click Finish. Deploying the OVF may take a few minutes. When complete, the new computer appears in your inventory.

  12. After deployment is complete, access the new virtual computer from your client. The standard Symantec Brightmail Gateway boot sequence begins.

    See Installing the Symantec Brightmail Gateway product.