How to add Password Utility (PWUtil.exe) to the Altiris Tools Menu
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How to add Password Utility (PWUtil.exe) to the Altiris Tools Menu


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Deployment Solution


How do I add the PWUtil.exe to the Tools menu of the Deployment Server Console?


DS 7.x


It is simple to add the utility to the Tools menu:  

After copying the PWUtil.exe to the Deployment Server directory, add the following to the atools.ini file:

MenuText=&Password Utility
Description="Altiris Password Utility"

The utility now shows in the Tools menu. You may want to change where the ampersand (&) is on the menu text if there are other tools already in the menu that use p as the hot key.

Note1: This can be done with any tool that you often use in your daily use of the Deployment Server Console.

Note2: To change the password task in Deployment Solution 6.5 and above, open the Deployment Server Console and go to Tools > Options > Task Password tab.

Note3: Changes made to the atools.ini file will not take effect until the DS Console is closed and then reopened.