How do I search for a file on the network using WiseScript?


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How to search for a file on the network using WiseScript?


  1. Launch WiseScript Package Editor or WiseScript Editor.
  2. Use the Search for File script action in the Script Editor.
  3. Fill in the following fields for the Search for File action:
    File Name: <Name of File>
    Variable Name:  <Uppercase variable to store the file path>
    Default value:  <Blank or a value that will be set if file is not found>
    Message Text: <Brief message to be displayed while the search operation is in progress>
    Return Type. <Return only the first match, or a carriage return/line feed-delimited list of all matches>
    Drives to Search. <Choose network drive>
    Search Depth. <How deep the search should search>

— 1 searches only the root  
— 2 searches the root directory and any subdirectories in it, and so on.
— 0 searches the entire drive.

Note: If you are searching network drives, it is recommended to enter 2 or 3 to avoid a long wait for the search.

Remove File Name: <Removes the file name from the end of the returned path>

     4.  Click OK.