DynaZip decompression error codes


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Workspace Virtualization (formerly SVS)




Where can I find a list of error codes returned during a Software Virtualization Solution import process?

The compression and decompression of SVS archive files (.VSA) are handled using Inner Media's DynaZip. The following is a list of the decompression error codes retrieved from their header files. 

Error Code - Code Definition // Description
0—UE_OK  // success
2—UE_EOF  // unexpected end of zip file
3—UE_STRUCT  // structure error in zip file
4—UE_MEM1  // out of memory
5—UE_MEM2  // out of memory
9—UE_NOFILE  // file not found error
11—UE_BORED  // nothing to do
12—UE_SAMEVOL  // same volume for src and dest not allowed for multi-volume 
25—UE_INDEX  // index out of bounds 
28—UE_OUTPUT  // error creating output file 
29—UE_OPEN  // error opening output file 
39—UE_BADCRC  // crc error 
40—UE_ABORT  // application cancelled operation 
41—UE_ENCRYPT  // file skipped, encrypted 
42—UE_UNKNOWN  // unknown compression method 
44—UE_BADKEY  // bad or missing decrypt code 
45—UE_BUSY  // re-entry not permitted 
46—UE_NOVOL  // can't unzip a volume item 
47—UE_CMDERR  // bad command structure 
48—UE_CANCEL  // user cancelled this operation 
49—UE_SKIP  // user skipped this operation 
50—UE_DISKFULL  // disk full