DynaZip compression error codes


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Workspace Virtualization (formerly SVS)




Where can I find a list of error codes returned during a Software Virtualization Solution export process?

The compression and decompression of SVS archive files (.VSA) is handled using Inner Media's DynaZip. The following is a list of the compression error codes retrieved from their header files. 

Error Code - Code Definition // Description
0—ZE_OK  // success
1—ZE_BUSY  // can't reenter
2—ZE_EOF  // unexpected end of zip file
3—ZE_FORM  // zip file structure error
4—ZE_MEM  // out of memory
5—ZE_LOGIC  // internal logic error
6—ZE_BIG  // entry too large to split
7—ZE_NOTE  // invalid comment format
8—ZE_TEST  // zip test (-T) failed or out of memory
9—ZE_ABORT  // user cancelled
10—ZE_TEMP  // error using a temp file
11—ZE_READ  // read or seek error
12—ZE_NONE  // nothing to do
13—ZE_NAME  // missing or empty zip file
14—ZE_WRITE  // error writing to a file
15—ZE_CREAT  // couldn't open to write
16—ZE_PARMS  // bad control parameters
17—ZE_INCOMPLETE  // could not complete operation
18—ZE_OPEN  // could not open a specified file to read
19—ZE_MEDIA  // media error... disk not ready, HW r/w error, etc.
20—ZE_MVPARMS  // bad Multi-Volume control parameters
21—ZE_MVUSAGE  // Improper usage of a Multi-Volume Zip File