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How status for each package server and corresponding packages are updated on Notification Server


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How are the status items for each Package Server's individual packages updated on Notification Server?


When a Package Server has successfully downloaded a package and made it ready for clients to access, it sends a status message to the server containing the details that the package is available.
  1. The Package Server Agent generates an Event and posts it to the Postevent.asp page.
  2. Because of the size of the events, these events will be routed through the Evtqfast queue.
  3. The status in the NSE sent to the server that tells the server the package is "ready" is Codebase Enabled.

To test what data resides in the database for each package and their respective sources (Package Servers), run the following query in SQL Query Analyzer against the Altiris database:

  Select * from SWDPackageCodebase  

The respective columns are PackageID, URL, Source, and Snapshot. Use the following query to display the contents of the table that is accessed to populate the Package Server status page on the Notification Server:

  Select * from SWDPackageServer  

The status will reveal if the package is pending, ready, etc. To display all packages, use the following query:

  Select * from SWDPackage – Lists all packages.