How do you migrate computers from one Deployment Server to another?


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What is the best way to migrate computers with the AClient from one Deployment Server to another?

1. If the IP address on the new server will be the same as the IP on the server being replaced, nothing needs to be done. The computers will automatically communicate with the new server.

2. If the IP address on the new server will be different then you will want to prepare for that by:

     a. Right-click on the All Computers banner under the Computers panel and choose Change Agent Settings --> Production Agent.

     b. Change the IP address under Server Connections to the IP address of the new Deployment Server and click OK.

NOTE: When computers with older aclients connect to a newer version of Deployment Server, an aclient upgrade job will be created in the Jobs panel under System Jobs --> Agent Update Jobs --> Agent x86 Update. If the option for "Automatically update client" is enabled in the Windows Control Panel --> Altiris Deployment Server --> Options button --> Transport tab, then this job will run automatically. If this option is not enabled, users will need to manually run these jobs to upgrade the aclient to the latest version. Once these aclients have upgraded to the latest version, they will not be able to communicate with older versions of Deployment Server even if the IP address is changed in the Aclient properties.
If there are any problems with this, remember that Deployment Server administrators can still use the "Remote Agent Installer" utility from the new Deployment Server, to push out a new aclient with updated settings to computers on the network.