How to change communication from FQDNs to IP without DNS?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




How to change communication from FQDNs to IP without DNS?


1.  If no DNS is present then you can use the LMHOSTS resolution, this will need to be enabled on the NS Server.

By manually entering the hosts IP address into the LMHOSTS file, the machine will be resolved without DNS resolution.

Please note that you can also change the LMHOSTS file on the client machines to find the correct machine.

If the number of clients is too large; for a manual change, then a script can be run to make the needed changes.

Or you can prepare one Template LMHOSTS file and replace the client machine LMHOSTS file with it, as long as the client machine does not have a custom LMHOSTS file.

-- OR --

2.  Set the Agent configuration policies to use the Notification Server's IP address for the Agent communication.

In the Altiris console, click the Configuration tab > Configuration > Altiris Agent > Altiris Agent Configuration.

Click on a policy.

When the Altiris Agent Settings page appears, click the Advanced Settings tab.
Check the "Specify an alternate URL for the Altiris Agent to us to access the NS", enter the Notification Server's IP address in the Server Name field, and click Apply.

When existing computers running the Altiris Agent update their configurations and when the Altiris Agent is pushed out to new computers, the Altiris Agent will use the Notification Server's IP address instead of the Notification Server' name. 

-- OR --

3.  Use AeXAgentUtil /Server:<ip address> to change the Altiris Agent's "Altiris Server" information from a server name to the server's IP address.  You can use a Deployment job, script, etc. to run the command on the agent computers to change the Altiris Server to use the IP address.