Creating and troubleshooting drive mappings when images are stored on an alternative drive


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How can I use an additional or alternative storage locations for the images? What are the steps to create these map drives with PXE configuration?

Checked Control Panel -> ADP applet -> Options -> Mapped Drives = F:\Altiris\eXpress and g:\remote\images
Check PXE Configurations (both Shared and Remote) = Is there a  G: mapping?
Check job configuration -> G: designated for image location?
May need to Reconfigure share designations on Remote PXE server from \eXpress to \Images. All Remote sites should be called 'Images'
Change WinPE mappings for G: to \\<remote server>\Images
Change job destination to G:Images Change permissions on Images share for Altiris user to Full


Follow the guidelines below for adding additional sharepoints for files, images, and data to be stored for use by Deployment Solution 6.1 build and higher. 

Note: All drive mappings must have the same drive letter available to DOS.

Installing the Remote PXE Server

  1. Run the axinstall.exe from the C:\DSSetup.
  2. Choose the Component Install option (fourth option) and accept the Software License Agreement.
  3. Enter the path to the eXpress share or it may have already detected the share.
  4. Choose Altiris PXE Server from the list of additional components.
  5. Choose to install on the same computer or remotely. (Credentials may need Domain\Username if remotely.) Select the computer you would like to install it on.
  6. When Installation is finished you have an option to install Adobe’s Acrobat Reader*.
  7. If installing on a remote box PXE Manager will on reside on the Deployment Solution computer. PXE Manager is installed during the Deployment Server Installation. Open the PXE Configuration Utility. By default, the Shared Configuration options is is shown.
  8. To configure Remote PXE boot Images specific to a PXE Server (Local Configuration), you need to choose that PXE Server from the File Menu. Refer to Article Links at the end for full instructions.

Note: The client's BIOS needs to be set as Network Boot as First Boot Order inorder to be managed by PXE Server.

Deployment Solution 6.1 only: On the Deployment Server, map a drive to the new share location where the images and files are to be stored (not the Datastore). Map a network drive to point to the share for the images using the format X:\<servername>\share and choose to reconnect at logon. 

Deployment Solution 6.1 only: Open the Altiris Deployment Server control panel (Start > All Programs > Altiris > Deployment Solution > Configuration) and add the drive mapping under Drive Mappings. Use the Browse button to navigate to the new share from the network neighborhood so it will have a UNC path. It should look like this:

X: \\server\share (image storage)

Note: Don't point to the mapped drive on the workstation computer or an error will occur. It can't be X: path X:.

Choose OK, and the message  “The service needs to restart for this to apply” will appear. Click OK to restart the service.  If an error occurs and the computer can't be restarted, the drive mapping was incorrect or the share is not available for authentication.

Note: The service can also be started by going to the Run command and typing c:\express\axengine.exe.

Deployment Solution 6.1 only: Re-create the BootWorks boot files and add the newly mapped drive at the Network Drive Mappings window. The F: drive is the default and should not be changed. Choose the same letter for the new share location that was used in step 2. The path should be the UNC path.

Note: BootWorks requires a username and password that can access both shares (F: and the new mapping).

Deployment Solution 6.5 and Deployment Solution 6.8: Within the PXE configuration: Step 9 of 12. Edit the DOS Managed Boot file.

  1. Right-click on the Boot file and pass to Manual create G: Drive Mappings Step 7 of 12. Also check LMhost file entry.
  2. When the Boot file is finished it should reflect both Mapped drives in the Step 9 of 12.
  3. Click Next to the end and Create PXE automation package. Step 10 of 11.

Make sure within the Create or Deploy image job the check box for Local Image Store is checked. This should be checked if the images are stored at a different location, either locally or on a different drive.

Disable Image path Validation

In the Mapdrv.bat file should look like this

net use F: "\\Servername\eXpress" /yes
net use G: "\\RemoteServername\image" /yes

You can add the "pause" statement between the mappings to troubleshoot the issue.

See article 21313, "How to properly configure PXE image/Rdeploy to use a dual NIC DS," for more information.

In the LMhost file:

# For example:
#     server1   # main office server
# joe3   # joe's database server SERVERNAME REMOTESERVERNAME

Important: Save changes. In the upper-right corner, there is an icon of a floppy disk. Select Next and re-compile your boot image. Step 10 of 11.

It is very important to make sure in the PXE configuration: DS tab > Default boot option is the Automation Boot ( DOS, Linux, WinPE). Also within the Disk image job, select the Default Boot option > Automation Boot.

PXE images: Within the mapdrv.bat file of the PXE boot image also needs the new share image location.

UNC paths can be used instead of Drive letters.

Within the Image job, make sure the Local Image Store option is checked. If the image is stored on a different share other than the eXpress share, this needs to be checked for all versions of Deployment Server. Also make sure the Image path is the same drive letter as your stored images. 

G:\RemoteServername\image  Within the Control Panel> Altiris Deployment Server> Options> Drive Maping> Select G Drive. \\SERVERNAME\Images

By default when you create a share the permission is set to read only. When clicking on the folder created (with it shared) and selecting Sharing and Security. Under the Share tab there is a button for Permissions. This is where the "Everyone" group by default does not have Write privileges.

Make sure when making any changes to the PXE boot files to Save changes and re-compile the Boot File.

If a folder is missing when testing the map drive. Fiber Line connections to alternate drives. Test the Share connection: DOS Dir to map to g drive and you notice the Image folder is missing. May need to create a sub folder in the image folder. Example: G:\\Images\SubFolder name

Winpe Drive Map:

1-Another network drive was created (for storing images) using a share location also called "eXpress". The Altiris drive was being assigned to the wrong "eXpress" share location.

Create a folder called Images2 under the remote share instead and use this map share instead.
Usually a remote share is called C:Images
Edit the  Managed Winpe boot image to use the 'I' drive \\servername\Images
Regenerate the  Winpe Managed boot file.

2- 'F'  Drive may be used on a remote share for another drive.
When the client tries to boot into automation and maps the drive (using WinPE or DOS) it records a "System error 85 has occurred.  The local device name is already in use." error.
a. Edit the WinPE PXE configuration and move the drive designation for the eXpress share from F to another lower letter such as I. Rebuild the entire WinPE boot file and save before testing the new configuration.
b. Change the Drive mapping to 'I' in the control panel> Deployment Configuration> Options> Drive Mappings for remote share >

Give the same permissions on the Image folder as the default eXpress share.

The 'X' Drive is common for CDrom for Winpe

Linux Drive Map:

If Remote share is on a different physical box:

  1. Create an automation configuration for Linux with all of the default settings except add an additional drive mapping. The default drive mapping is to //DSservername/express  /mnt/ds to the eXpress share. Add a second drive mapping by making another mount share called //RemoteSharename/Images /mnt/Images.
  2. Create a new job in the Deployment Server Win32 console. Add a Create Disk Image task.
  3. In the task under Enter the path and file name to store the disk image put the following path and filename:

  4. Check the box Local image store. For DS 6.8-6.9 "Disable Image path Validation"
  5. Leave the automation type to "Default Automation."
  6. Click on either Next or Finish


 If  Remote share is on a same physical box.


  1. If the second mount drive in on the same Hard drive as the Deployment Server. C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Images and the second Image Store is on the D:\Images ( Needs to be empty)
  2. Create a Folder called Imagestore under the C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Imagestore
  3. Create a alias within the Disk management:  Right click on My Computer> Manage> Disk management  Highlight the D Drive Select "Change Drive letter and paths" Select the drop down box for C:  and Map to  C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Images
  4. This should show the C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Images as a grey Hard Drive.
  5. Within the Image job path use .\ImageStore\Image\Image.img and unselect the "Disable Image Path Validation "

To troubleshoot shares:

Try to run your imaging job again. When you see "Press F2 for Diagnostics" press F2 and choose Exit. At the DOS prompt type "net use" to report drive mappings. Are the mappings correct?

Also try typing the command 'Net View \\Server <file://Server/> '. If this does not this work, you may have a name resolution problem.

Then try typing 'Net Use F: \\server\express <file://server/express> '. If this fails, you may have a permissions issue.

net use G: "\\servername\express" /user:username password

Make sure the user does reside on the computer where you want to store the image.

  • Create a new user (pxeuser) on the Deployment Server Computer Management Users and add this user to the eXpress share and the remote share. Full Control on these two shares. Then re-create the PXE boot files with the new username and password. 

To Test Map Drive issues.

Create a Run Script Job using the  DOS Automation in your environment. Within the Run Script section Type

f:\RDeploy\dos\RdeployT.exe -noprompt -md -fP:\Test.img   

The Test.img change to your Image name.

Mapping internal alias hard drives under the eXpress share.

Also Create a Network boot disk in Boot Disk Creator and add the additional shares. 

Next test to verify shares:

From Client side use DOS command prompt type net use \\servername\express.

xcopy \\Servername\express\filename.txt C:\Filename.txt

It should copy the file directly on the client in the root of C:

From the client side again

del \\servername\express\filename.txt

It should delete the filename.txt from the express share.

What is PXE Redirection and how is it used in DS 6.5? (24298) this is the same theory for DS 6.8

KNOWN ISSUE: Receiving error "Unable to boot to DOS/Linux/WinPE automation" when running jobs that use PXE redirection (41019)