Client Task Agent troubleshooting on Unix, Linux and Macintosh clients


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




Client Task Agent troubleshooting on Unix, Linux and Macintosh clients



- After the Unix, Linux or Macintosh (ULM) client sends basic inventory, the NS must update membership and the client must refresh policies in order for the task agent on the client to register. This process will happen normally over time, depending on the NS and client configuration. (It can be forced by running 'aex-cta register' on the client.)
- The CTAgent requires name resolution to the task server. This name may be a shortname or an FQDN, depending on the NS.


How to find the task server assigned to a given client


The following url can be used to determine which task server the agent will register with and the name for that task server. Note that prior to SMP 7.1, the FQDN or the short name of the task server could be returned. 

http://<Client's NS Server Name>/Altiris/TaskManagement/CTAgent/GetClientTaskServers.aspx?ResourceGuid=<client-resource-guid>


  • This can be run from any browser on any machine that can reach the NS/SMP server as long as the correct client resource guid is entered in the URL. 
  • Change <Client's NS Server Name> to the name of the ns server the client computer in question reports to and change <client-resource-guid> to the resource guid of the cllient computer in question.
  • If needed, the NS server name the client is reporting to can be found on the client by running "aex-helper query ns". 
  • The client's resource guid can be found in 1) Resource Manager, 2) in the client computer's /opt/altiris/notification/nsagent/etc/host.GUID file, and 3) by running "aex-helper info resource" on the client. 

Location of related files on the client:


/opt/altiris/notification/ctagent/var/servers.xml - this file contains the name of the Task Server returned by the above URL. This name must be resolvable. Note that in SMP 7.1, it is planned that this will only contain the FQDN of the task server(s) - (no short names).


/opt/altiris/notification/ctagent/var/cta-runtime.cache - This file contains the 'last_server' that the client was registered with.


Please see for details on working with these two files to resolve a known issue with the client task agent.