DS7.1: What are the SBS (formerly PXE) Services and what do they do?


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How do we know PXE is installed and working in Deployment Solution 7.1?  Which services does it use?


This is a list of the services that are installed on a PXE server:

  1. _Symantec_netBoot_Interface (Interface)
  2. _Symantec_netBoot_Mtftp (MTFTP)
  3. _Symantec_netBoot_NSiSignal (Signal)
  4. _Symantec_netBoot_Server (Server)

Please note that these services are initially disabled during the installation of DS 7.1 and must be enabled for use.

PXE Startup Process and Service Roles:

  1. First, the Interface service should be started.  Its job is to watch the SBS folder for config files sent to the system.  It also creates the SBSStore folder if it's not already present.
    • The Interface service watches the SBS folder for SBS files.  Upon seeing the SBS files created by PxeStartupInfo, it reads them and moves these files into the Store folder.  It then sends the data directly to the Server Service over an active port once the server is ready.
  2. Second, the Server service should be started.  This is the core service for managing your clients, and it needs to be in a ready and listening state in order to receive information.
  3. Third, the Signal service should be started.  When it first launches, it runs the application PxeStartupInfo.
    • PxeStartupInfo contacts a Web Service on the Notification Solution to obrtain a list of computers and jobs to be performed.  This information is contained in three SBS files that are copied into the SBS folder.  The first and second files have a 30-second delay in their processing.
  4. Fourth, start MTFTP to facilitate the transfer of Automation Environments.