Quick Start to Installing with Symantec Installation Manager


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




You have downloaded Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) and you need to install a solution, platform or suite.


This document assumes you have installed the necessary 3rd party components:

  • SQL
  • .NET (3.5 is necessary for SIM, 2.0 is necessary for SMP)
  • IIS
  • IE 7 (only for SMP SP3 and earlier)
  • Java - JRE is only needed for LiveState/Altiris Package Conversion and on each computer used to access the SMC when the Software Library is used as the Package Source
  1. Double-click the downloaded SIM executable file (for example, symantec_sim_7_0_xxx.exe)
  2. Click Run if prompted
  3. Click Next
  4. Click the checkbox for “I accept”, then click Next
  5. Click Begin install
  6. Click Finish
  7. Click Cancel when the SIM install wizard appears
  8. Click Yes to confirm
  9. From the main SIM dialog, click Settings
  10. From the Settings dialog, click Change product listing
    • Confirm it is using symantec.pl.xml
  11. Verify that your Proxy settings are correct, and click OK
  12. From the main SIM dialog, click Add/Update license if you have your license files and add them.
  13. Select the solutions/plug-ins/suites/platforms you want and click Open
  14. Click Yes to proceed
  15. Click box the Symantec Management Platform then click “Review selected products”
    • you can install other solutions/suites later – this will give you a base install
  16. Click OK if prompted to install other products
  17. Click Review selected products
  18. Click Next
  19. At the EULA dialog, click the checkbox for “I accept”, then click Next
  20. At the Install Readiness Check dialog, if requirements need to be met, then click the link where indicated to automatically install and configure
  21. Click Yes to Install/Repair ASP.NET if needed
  22. Click Next once the Install Readiness Check dialog shows all green checkmarks
  23. Click Next once the Product Licensing shows that the licenses were applied
  24. Enter the Application Identity credentials (this is a user you create for NS in Active Directory), and optionally the NS and email information, then click Next
  25. If using an off-box SQL database then adjust the Database server settings
  26. Click Next to accept the Database Configuration settings
  27. Click Begin Install
  28. Un-check “Run Notification Server 6 Migration Wizard” if not needed, and click Finish
  29. The NS Console should open. 
  30. Provide console credentials if prompted. 
  31. Install ActiveX controls if prompted.