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Task Server


 What do the different settings under Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > Task Settings affect?


ITMS 7.x - 8.x


This is a brief description of what the different settings do:


  • Cleanup Task Data
    • This setting will delete old records in all TaskInstances* tables based on the specified row count.  It typically runs daily at 1:10am.  This was put in to typically prevent orphan's and old data.   Any tasks that have not completed should not be affected by this setting.
  • Task Agent Settings
    • Task Update instructs the client to check-in for tasks every X minutes.
    • Note that if the agent has a tickle connection to the server the agent will still check-in for tasks every X amount of time and will check in whenever the server sends down a tickle.
    • Think of this setting like a backup in case the tickle connection is not working. Site Server will set the priority on which site server a client should connect to incase the client is assigned to multiple site servers under site management.
  • Tokens
    • All of the different tokens that can be used in tasks that support tokens
  • Update Summary data
    • This setting updates task data class tables used for hierarchy replication.
  • Update Task Service Assignments
    • This will assign all unmanaged computers to a site server.