DS7.1: How to use a KMS server for licensing when deploying images


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We have a KMS (Key Management Server) which we use to license our Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems.  However, in an imaging job, we're required to enter a license number, which we don't have.  How can we do this?

Windows Vista and Windows 7 Enterprise are licensed a differently from previous products.  They all use the same license number, which brings them up and functional but leaves them in a non-registered state.  Once registered with the KMS, they still "show" the same license number as before, but now they're fully registered.


So, for imaging, all you have to do is use the default license number that comes on the CD for the product (or use a Key finder to pull it off of a system already installed).  This will get you past the screen requiring a license key.

Similar functions can be used for Windows 2008, etc.  You will need a license key to deploy the image, something valid we can put in the XML, but once it comes up and online, you can then ensure that the DNS entries are available for self-registraion, and the rest will be automatic.