How to Change ServiceDesk Incident Form Caching


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How do I change Incident Form caching in ServiceDesk?


There are two other locations in the Service Desk workflows that specifically address caching data that comes from the NS' CMDB and internally on incident form loads.


In the SD.Feeder.TechnicianIncidentForms project, the InitData (Cached) embedded  decision model has a setting that controls the caching of the data collected in that embedded model.  To access this setting, right-click on the model component and select “Edit Component”.  Then select the Caching Tab and change the value to a value that meets your needs.  While the default value is set to ten (10) minutes, any value up to eight (8) hours is acceptable.  Assure that the “Use Caching” box is checked. This is shown in the InitDataCaching.jpg  attachment. 


If you open the InitData (Cached) embedded model and look at the workflow inside, you will notice that there is another embedded model, “Fetch CMDB Data for Drop Downs” , it contains a caching tab as well.  You will want to edit this component as well and make sure that the values set are no longer  than the parent component.  It is recommended that all values set here should match the corresponding parent component's values.