A list of useful knowledgebase aticles to assist configuring the software portal


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This is a list of useful knowledgebase aticles to assist configuring the software portal This includes configuring the Security for who has access, and for using the Request and Admin Portals (websites).


The following list of issues cover this topic. Many of these have been resolved in Software Management Solution 7.0 SP1 MR1.49706

  • 49706 - Managed Delivery Portal request cause dateRequired_Picker in undefined error
  • 51285 - Software portal agent install policy "Run with Rights" is set to logged in user
  • 50434 - Software Portal Requests will only work within a Maintenance Window
  • 49709 - A User does not have approved Software in the Software Portal if he belongs to a child or separate trusted Domain Group
  • 50929 - Error in the logs when trying to access the Software Portal: Error occured while processing software portal pages
  • 48719 - When accessing the Software Portal: An error prevented the portal page from opening.  Close this page and try again.  If this error continues to occur, contact your administrator
  • 48741 - Portal Managers and Administrators can not access its specific controls if group assignment was used on role configuration
  • 48743 - Software request from user is not received by Portal Manager if user was added to subordinates list through group assignment
  • 46145 - Adding domain or some local groups to Software portal access shows a blank entry in the Console
  • 48788 - If the Software Portal has been accessed by an authorized user, any other user will then have access to the Software Portal based on what users have accessed it
  • 49671 - On the NS Scheduled Tasks generated by the Portal are not Removed

This article is to track difficulties in using the Software Portal with Software Management 7.0. If you come across an issue you cannot resolve that is not covered in this article, please contact Symantec Support. If you come across difficulties that you are able to resolve using configuration, please send a comment with full details so we can be aware of the difficulties. The goal of this article is to gain feedback so we may improve the Software Portal.