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CA DISK/OS installation when CA1 is already installed on the same partition.


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Once the CA DISK/OS hooks installed on a partition when which CA1 was installed long time ago, when we initialize now CA1 we get

 CAG8799I FN=04 RC=0C RS=04 FB=0C DD=CAG8LIB2 


If CA1 is already installed on the machine and more later we install

CA DISK/OS and we apply the hooks, we need to refer to the CA1 System Programmer Guide:

"If you have other vendor products which modify the operating system's data management modules, and these modified versions use MLPA, you must include the CAG8LIB2 DD in the CAIRIM procedure and the TMSINIT procedure. Any MLPA data set which contains these modifications must be specified in the CAG8LIB2 DD. If you have a data set name for the contents of the LPA other than SYS1.LPALIB, you must put that data set name in the CAG8LIB1 DD and include the DD in the CAIRIM procedure as well as the TMSINIT procedure.

Ensure that both the CAIRIM procedure (CAS9) and the TMSINIT procedure have security access (READ) to the libraries containing the operating system's data management modules.

If all of the open/close routines are not copied to the modified library, then you must have SYS1.LPALIB in the concatenation with CAG8LIB1."


Release: SMDI3900200-12.5-Disk-Backup and Restore-for z/OS