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How to do a scripted OS install of Redhat


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How to do a scripted OS install of Redhat.


  1. install the dagent/aclient on the deployment server. Create a run script job and copy and paste the createftp.txt to the job. (you can manually create an ftp directory and copy the source files to that ftp directory)
  2. mount/insert redhat cdrom. You will have to change the script to reflect the drive letter where the ISO/DVD drive is set to. (in the script it is set to D:) Change "set vmsrcdrv=d:\" to reflect your drive letter (ex. set vmsrcdrv=f:\)
  3. In the \\server\eXpress\samples\ directory create a linux directory. Copy the grub.conf, ks.cfg, and adlagnet.conf.custom. (each of the attached files has some custom tokens that will be replaced when the job runs.)
  4. Edit the ks.cfg to reflect that type of install you need. (remember not to edit the DS 6.9 section or the custom tokens) to see all the available options see In the kickstart some changes need to be made. timezone, packages, language, and partition sizes.
  5. the grubinstall.img needs to be copied into the \\server\eXpress\Images directory
  6. Remember to edit these files with something besides notepad or wordpad. (using textpad editor works very well)

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