Disabling UNC Codebases - How to force clients to download packages through HTTP or HTTPS


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server) Software Management Solution





Symantec Management Agents have an option to download package files using HTTP, HTTPS, or Windows Share (UNC). How do you turn off UNC as an option for Package Codebases on the Management Server and Package Servers?


On the Management Platform/Notification Server

  • Use NSConfigurator (see article HOWTO45703), which is in the install directory, default: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Tools\NSConfigurator.exe. Launch it with "Run as Administrator" to allow editing.
  • Navigate to "Get Package Info Settings" and select the key "GenerateNSUNCPackageCodebases".
  • Deselect it, Apply changes, and restart the Altiris Service and IIS.
  • Additionally, the "GenerateNSHTTPPackageCodebases" and "GenerateNSHTTPSPackageCodebases" keys control HTTP or HTTPS downloads, respectively.

On Package Servers

  • In the Management Console, go to Settings > Notification Server > Site Server Settings
  • In the menu tree go to Site Server Settings > Package Service > Package Service Settings
  • Deselect "Publish UNC codebase" under the Published Codebase Types, and save the changes.
  • The next time Site Servers update their configuration, they will get the change.
  • As with the Management Platform Server, Publish HTTP codebase and Publish HTTPS codebase can be deselected.

Note: Avoid disabling all three types of codebases. This will lead to client computers being unable to download any packages.