About Symantec Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition


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About Symantec Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition

Use Symantec Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition with VMware to create a simulated computer environment (a virtual computer) on which to run Symantec Brightmail Gateway. The guest software is a complete operating system that contains the Symantec Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition software. It runs in a similar manner to the application as installed on a standalone hardware platform.

You can deploy the Symantec Brightmail Gateway as a virtual appliance on your existing VMware infrastructure in one of the following ways:

The resources that are allocated to Symantec Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition must meet the minimum requirements.

See System requirements for virtual deployment.

This documentation assumes the following:

  • Your environment has an existing VMware ESX or ESXi Server deployment.

  • You are familiar with administering virtual computers.

  • Your environment meets all pre-requisite system requirements.

For more information about VMware and to download trialware and prerequisite applications, see the VMware Web site at www.vmware.com.

See Virtual software terminology.

After you complete installing your virtual appliance, you must complete additional tasks to install and register Symantec Brightmail Gateway software on your virtual appliance. During registration you will be asked agree to the End User License Agreement. You will not be able to proceed with registration without agreeing.