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Control Compliance Suite Windows




About licenses

The Control Compliance Suite is a licensed product, and the License Agreement governs its use. Only those portions of the Control Compliance Suite for which you have entered a valid license are available to you. When you use an evaluation license for the Control Compliance Suite, the license controls the duration of your access to the Control Compliance Suite.

License codes are distributed in a file. The Control Compliance Suite installer prompts you to open the file to add the license codes when you install the components. You can also add licenses using the Control Compliance Suite Console.

You must license the Control Compliance Suite infrastructure, the standards and policies that are included, and the data collection components. Licenses for the infrastructure, the standards and policies, and the data collection components are entered separately during installation.

Each Symantec RMS Information Server requires a valid license for installation. In addition, RMS snap-in modules require licenses to collect data from the network. Both the permanent and the limited time evaluation licenses are available. The installed and licensed bv-Control snap-in modules limit the data that you can collect using RMS.

For information on assigning licenses in Symantec RMS, see the Symantec RMS Console Help.

Each Symantec ESM manager requires a permanent license to operate completely. Agents and consoles do not require licenses. Managers can register agents up to the number that is specified at the time of license distribution. To later register additional agents to the manager, you must change the manager allocation by using the Enterprise License feature from the ESM console.

You can install the ESM manager without a license, but with limited functionality. For full functionality, you must assign a license using the Enterprise License feature from the ESM console.

For information on how to assign a license to ESM manager, see the Enterprise Security Manager User Guide.

To purchase additional licenses or to obtain an additional copy of your license file, please contact your Symantec Account Manager or authorized reseller.