About the RMS Console


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About the RMS Console

The RMS Console is the primary user interface for the bv-Control snap-in modules. The RMS Console and Information Server installs as a snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The MMC is a host application, which provides a common user interface that lets you navigate the RMS Console application. The RMS Console is hosted by a Windows computer.

The RMS Console lets you configure the bv-Control modules to collect data from your enterprise. In addition, you can use the RMS Console to perform queries of your network resources and database resources. After you have performed a query, you can use ActiveAdmin to make changes to your network. You can also generate baseline reports of changes to queried data. You can group queries and reports into task lists. Finally, you can view queried data in grid, chart, and report formats and export the data to other programs.

The RMS Console communicates with the Information Server to perform these tasks. An Information Server is not required on each computer that has the RMS Console installed. You can have multiple RMS Consoles that communicate with the same Information Server. You must have at least one RMS Console installed, and that RMS Console must be installed on the same computer that hosts the Information Server.