ESM utilities


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ESM utilities

The Symantec ESM utilities copy policies between managers and transfer security information from the managers to an external database. The utilities then produce a range of reports from the external database.

The following is a list of Symantec ESM utilities:

Policy tool

On large networks with several managers, the Policy tool provides an efficient way to standardize the settings of enabled security checks, templates, and word lists. The Policy tool first exports policies from a selected manager, and then imports the policies to the other managers on the network. The policies that are imported to each new manager enable the same security checks as those of the source manager. The new managers and the source manager also share the same template and word list settings.

Database Conversion tool

The Database Conversion tool lets you transfer security data from the proprietary databases of managers to an external database. The source manager must be hosted on a supported operating system. For example, you can transfer data from the database of a manager that is installed on Windows or UNIX to any of the following:

  • IBM DB2

  • Microsoft SQL server

  • Oracle

The transfer includes information about agents, domains, managers, policy runs, policy run messages, message suppressions, and policy run reports.