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During a repair for a .msi installation, the following error message appears and prompts the end user for the path to the source .msi:

The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.


When running an MSI-based installation on a laptop from a network location, the source files are not available for repairs (including self-repairs) when the laptop is offline (computer disconnected from the network).


During installation of an .msi, Windows Installer caches the .msi on the destination computer and removes all .cab files included with the .msi. This causes problems for offline mobile users when a repair requiring the source files occurs, and the end user does not have access to the necessary files. For example, if an end user installs an application from a server using a deployment tool, the complete .msi with source files resides on the server rather than the destination computer.

There are a couple ways to prevent this situation from occuring:

  1. Create a single-file .exe that contains the .msi. When the .exe executes on the destination computer, the .exe first extracts the embedded .msi to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Wise Installation Wizard. The .exe then executes the .msi from this location. A repair can now complete successfully as this directory contains the entire .msi including source files embedded in .cab files.

    To create a single-file .exe, select Single-file .EXE (only valid for files inside .msi) from the .EXE Options drop-down list on the Build Options page in Installation Expert. The option embeds the .msi inside of the .exe.
  2. Use the Search Location page in the Installation Expert. Please see the attached article.
  3. Define the location to where the original .msi will always reside by setting a property SOURCELIST. Setting this property with a path will force Windows Installer to look to that location first for the original .msi in order to repair. Otherwise, it will default to the location where the .msi was originally installed for the source.

To set this property:

  1. Launch Windows Installer Editor within Wise Package Studio.
  2. Go to the Setup Editor and select the Products tab.
  3. Right-click on Properties and select New > Property.
  4. The Property Details dialog appears. Fill in the following information:
    Value: Enter paths delimited by semicolons.
  5. Click OK.


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WindowsInstallerRepair.pdf get_app