What licenses are needed to install CCS?
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What licenses are needed to install CCS?


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Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


 Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

What licenses are required to install CCS?


CCS Application Server 12.6.x


You can add licenses at the time of Control Compliance Suite (CCS) installation or at a later stage from the Licenses view of the CCS console. You must provide the CCS core license during installation. The CCS core license, CCS_Core.slf, is required for installing the CCS Manager.

CCS contains a core license that is required for installing the CCS Application Server components including the Directory Service. The core license is a mandatory license and must be provided during the installation of CCS.

You cannot open the CCS Console if the core license expires. The core license can be renewed from the stand-alone utility Symantec.CSM.LicenseUtil.exe that is stored in the following location:

<install directory>\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Directory Support Service\

The CCS Maintenance license is required to install the default CCS Content during CCS installation. For optional CCS features you can provide a license though the CCS Console later.

Base license is required to activate a product feature. For example, activating Policy Manager to use CCS for policy compliance.

Licenses for CCS Policy Manager and CCS Risk Manager are not metered per user. Hence total license count for these features is displayed as Unlimited.

The CCS Console does not display any expired component's features. The system displays a message to indicate that a license has expired. Contact Symantec Technical Support for assistance on renewal or procurement of licenses.

Additional Information

Information in CCS 12.6.1 Techdocs:

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