How to verify that an installed Altiris Agent is functioning correctly
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How to verify that an installed Altiris Agent is functioning correctly


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How can I check to see if an installed Altiris Agent is functioning correctly?

Here are some simple things to do to verify that the Altiris Agent is installed and functioning correctly:

  1. On the client machine, do a [manual] client configuration update and [re]send basic inventory - right-click on the Altiris Agent icon in the System Tray, select 'Altiris Agent details' and hit the 'Update Configuration' and 'Send Basic Inventory' buttons. The respective times should change, and also any new policies should be downloaded.

  2. Verify there are no files in <InstallDrive>\Program Files\Altiris Agent\Site Code.

  3. Register the Altiris Agent Diagnostics DLL (AeXAgentDiagnostics.dll) to enable enhanced troubleshooting tools/utilities, including easy viewing of the Agent log file to ensure no errors in communication. To register this .dll, run the following command line on the client machine(s):

    regsvr32 <InstallDrive>\Program Files\Altiris Agent\AeXAgentDiagnostics.dll

  4. View the client resource information in the Altiris [Notification Server] Console. Once the agent is installed and connected to the Notification Server, Basic Inventory information should appear. Once this happens, any enabled policies will then begin to run on the client machine; Inventory and other agents will be installed and will be seen on the client machine in both the agent install directory and on the 'Altiris Agent details' window (right-click on the Altiris Agent icon in the System Tray).

  5. On the client machine, check connectivity to the Notification Server by trying to access the following pages through a web browser:


When accessing the getclientpolicies.asp you should receive the message:

"<error number="80041002">- <![CDATA[ Failed to GetClientConfig. Error number: 80041002. Error description: GetClientConfigXml failed: Guid not found in request "<Request></Request>"  ]]>   </error>"

When accessing the createresource.asp you should receive the message:

"- <error number="80004005">- <![CDATA[ Failed to CreateResource. Error number: 80004005. Error description: DataLoader: Failed to CreateResource: XML Parse Error 0xc00ce558 at line=0, pos=0Reason:XML document must have a top level element.Near:Doc head:  ]]>   </error>"

If you do not receive the above messages, this is likely a security or connectivity issue.