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How to move Wise Package Studio SQL databases to a new server


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How do you move a Wise Package Studio database from one SQL server to another?


To move the SQL database to a new server, you must first back up your existing database and then restore the database onto new server.

To backup database:
1. Launch SQL Enterprise Manager.
2. Locate your current server and open the Database folder.
3. Right click on database and select All Tasks>Backup Database.
4.  The SQL Server Backup Dialog appears.  Make sure that under Backup, Database-Complete is marked.
5. Under Destination, click the Add button.
6. The Select Backup Destination dialog appears. In the Filename field, browse to path where to place the backup database file.
7. Click OK.

To restore database:
1. Under the new server name, right click on the Databases folder.
2. Select All Tasks>Restore Database.
3. The Restore Database Dialog appears. Select the database name or enter the database name that you would like to restore backup database as in the Restore As Database field.  EX: Software Manager Database
4. Mark <From Device> radio button by Restore.
5. Under Parameters, click the Select Devices. The Choose Restore Devices dialog appears.
6. Under Restore From, click the Add button to browse for the backup database file in the File Name field and click OK.
7. Click OK to close the Choose Restore Devices dialog.
8. Back on the Restore Database Dialog, make sure that the Database-Complete option is marked.
9.  Select the Options tab on the Restore Database dialog. 
10. In the Move to Physical File Name list, ensure that the path to the Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Database folder begins with the correct drive letter.  Backed up databases often come with mapped drives, and should most often be changed to c:\.
11.Click OK to close.

If this is done before an upgrade of Wise Package Studio occurs, then when you install the upgrade, point to the database on the new server.

If  this is done with an existing installation of Wise Package Studio:
1. Go to the location of the Share Point and rename the Config.ini file (as a back up). A new Config.ini file will be created.
2. In Wise Pacakge Studio 5.6, open the Workbench, select the Edit Menu and then select Preferences. The Workbench Preferences dialog appears.
 In Wise Package Studio 6, 7 and 8, launch the Repository Manager.
3. The Database setup will start up and run through the process of setting up the databases. Just follow the wizard as you have in the past.

You will need to reinstall the Clients to point them to the new location.