How to install Wise Package Studio 6.0 silently


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How do I install Wise Package Studio 6.0 silently?


Currently, Wise Package Studio only supports installing the client silently. Detailed information on the command line parameters are available in the Getting Started manual on p. 30.  Unfortunately, at this time installing the server version silently is not an option. 

You need to be on the server to install to the server. The configurations of the databases are updated at this point. When you install a client install, no configuration of the database needs to be done. They are already configured. 

Here is a sample client install command line:

Silent Installation Properties

Note: Silent installations do not validate the share point directory or Wise Package Studio
directory. Be sure to specify valid paths in the command line.


The following command line performs a silent, Network Client installation of Wise
Package Studio:

msiexec.exe /i "C:\WPS_6_0.msi" SERIALS="AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD" MODE="Client"
CLIENT="Network" SHAREPOINT="\\Server_Name\Wise Share Point\"
WPSDIR="\\Server_Name\Wise Package Studio\" /qn