How Symantec Brightmail Gateway and Symantec Network Prevent interact


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How Symantec Brightmail Gateway and Symantec Network Prevent interact

If you configure Symantec Brightmail Gateway to route email to Symantec Network Prevent, email is typically routed in the following order:

  • Symantec Brightmail Gateway accepts outbound messages at the gateway on port 25, by default.

  • Symantec Brightmail Gateway passes outbound messages to Symantec Network Prevent on port 10025, by default.

  • Symantec Network Prevent scans messages and blocks, redirects, or tags messages for further action by the MTA.

  • See Common Symantec Network Prevent actions.

  • Symantec Network Prevent passes messages back to Symantec Brightmail Gateway on port 25 (default) unless the Symantec Network Prevent rejects the message. In that case, Symantec Brightmail Gateway returns the message back to the sender with an SMTP 5xx failure response code. The message includes the text that you specify.

  • Symantec Brightmail Gateway processes messages as configured. Symantec Brightmail Gateway can process messages based on subject or header markup of messages by Symantec Network Prevent. Redirected messages are delivered to the alternate recipient or recipients.

The port numbers that are listed are suggested. Actual port numbers may differ at your site.

See Required ports for Symantec Network Prevent integration.

If you have multiple Scanners, the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Setup settings in the Control Center apply to all Scanners.

Each Scanner routes email to all configured Symantec Network Prevent servers according to the preference order as follows:

Reflecting mode

If Symantec Network Prevent is configured in reflecting mode, then each Symantec Network Prevent server returns each message to the Scanner from which it received the message.

Forwarding mode

If Symantec Network Prevent is configured in forwarding mode, then Symantec Network Prevent servers pass messages to the next destination.

See About Symantec Network Prevent preference order.

Symantec Brightmail Gateway integrates with Symantec Network Prevent through SMTP Client IP Address-based Routing. Refer to the MTA Integration Guide for Network Prevent for more information.