Resetting an appliance to its factory default


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Resetting an appliance to its factory default

You can return an appliance to the factory default condition of the most recent version that is installed on the appliance. When you enable this feature, Symantec Brightmail Gateway does all of the following actions for the Host that you select:

  • Stops the Scanner host

  • Clears the Host from the host table

  • Clears the logs from the database

  • Clears the reports from the database

  • Clears the status information from the database

  • Resets all settings and policies to their default values

  • Deletes all backup files stored on the appliance

After you perform a factory reset on a particular Scanner, you must delete the Scanner through the Control Center and then add it again.

See Adding Scanners.

After you reset the appliance, you are automatically logged out.

See Logging on and logging off.

To reset an appliance to its factory default

  1. In the Control Center, click Administration > Hosts > Version.

  2. On the Factory Reset tab, click the Host drop-down list and select a host.

  3. Click Reset.

  4. Click OK to confirm reset or Cancel to stop the process.

  5. In the confirmation dialog box, click Reset.