Monitoring devices through SNMP


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Monitoring devices through SNMP

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) lets administrators monitor network devices, such as the Control Center and Scanners. You can specify an SNMP community string and trap. You can also manage access privileges to the SNMP agent for up to four hosts in your environment.

Before you configure SNMP settings, you must first download the Management Information Base (MIB) database and import it to your SNMP client.

See Downloading a Management Information Base for SNMP.

To monitor devices through SNMP

  1. In the Control Center, click Administration > Settings > SNMP.

  2. Check Enable SNMP.

  3. In the SNMP community string box, type the SNMP Agent's community string.

  4. In the SNMP listen port box, type the port at which the SNMP agent listens for network traffic.

  5. In the SNMP trap host box, type the IP address or host name of the device that receives SNMP trap alerts.

  6. Under SNMP Client Access, specify which hosts can access the SNMP agent by doing one of the following tasks:

    • Click All hosts to grant all hosts access to the SNMP client.

    • Click Only the following hosts and then type the IP addresses, host names, or CIDR ranges of specific hosts that you want to have access to the SNMP client.

  7. Click Add.

  8. You can delete any currently SNMP-access-enabled hosts by checking the box next to their names and clicking Delete.

  9. Click Save.