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Error 1324


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Error 1324: The folder path '[2]' contains an invalid character.


This error occurs when there is an invalid character in the Directory table.


Note: Wise Solutions Technical Support, with the assistance of Wise customers, has compiled information concerning Microsoft Windows Installer error messages. This article is provided for reference. Although specific solutions are outlined, there may be multiple causes for some of the Windows Installer errors, and the solutions discussed may not resolve the error in all circumstances.

Find the entry given by the error in the Directory table in the Setup Editor under the Table tab. The invalid characters are below. Remove any of these characters from the Default Directory column.

\ ? > < / * "

In addition, short folder names, which are to the left of the pipe ( | ), must not contain the following characters:

+ , ; = [ ]

Short folder names may not include a space.

The full error messages for 4-digit Windows Installer error codes can be found in the Windows Installer SDK. More information may also be available at Microsoft's Web site.

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