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Role Replacement via Resource Finder on Team changes the maximum % load on assignment


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When replacing a role in Clarity 13.3 Project Team tab via Resource Finder (magnifying glass) with a resource, the Max % Load value on the assignment levels is being reset to 100% and not maintaining the role's Max % Load value. This can have serious effect if users then round-trip to MSP due to the current mapping of Max % Load in MSP for the resource levelling support introduced in Clarity 13.3 impacting the project schedule.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In Clarity 12.1.3 create a project of 1 week duration
  2. Add a role with default allocation 0% (seems to be irrelevant whether only soft or hard booked)
  3. Create 1 or 2 tasks and assign the role from step 2 to the task(s)
    Note: in my tests there is no effort task
  4. In the task properties view, configure assignment section to add "Max % Load" attribute in the column layout
  5. Update the Max % Load to a zero value 0%
  6. Go to Team tab, use magnifying glass next to the role name and replace with a resource
  7. After successful role replacement, check Max % Load value on the task assignment view
    Expected / Actual Result: Max % Load value is still the same on the tasks as it was when the role was assigned ; This is to show it is not expected to change and is working as expected in Clarity 12.1.3
  8. Repeat above steps in Clarity 13.3 and compare the outcome ; seeing now that the Max % Load value is getting changed to 100%


Expected Result: Max % Load value is still the same on the tasks as it was when the role was assigned
Actual Result: Max % Load value is set to 100% after role replacement




Resolved in CA Clarity PPM 13.3.0 Generic Patch. Reference TEC605767
Resolved in CA PPM 14.1  


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus