Configuring the remediation settings
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Configuring the remediation settings


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Control Compliance Suite Windows




Configuring the remediation settings

You must configure the remediation settings to create the Service Desk tickets and to send email notifications for asset remediation.

To configure the remediation settings

  1. Go to Settings > General.

  2. In the General view, on the left panel, click Application Configuration > Remediation Settings.

  3. On the right panel, provide the following information:

    Service Desk Incident Web Service URL

    Type the fully qualified URL of the Web Service.


    Control Compliance Suite (CCS) uses the URL to create Service Desk tickets for asset remediation.

    CCS Web Server

    Type the name of the computer that hosts the CCS Web Server.

    The Web Server is used to communicate with the Service Desk application to reevaluate the assets that required remediation. The Web Server is also used to send email notifications for the assets that require remediation.

    The name is specified in any of the following formats: IP address, the fully qualified DNS, or the computer.

    Submitting contact email

    Type the contact email address. The email address is used as the From address in the email notifications that are sent for asset remediation.

    The email account must exist in the Service Desk application as the account is the primary contact for the Service Desk tickets that are submitted from CCS.

    Maximum assets per ticket

    Type the maximum number of assets that can be included in a remediation ticket for each asset type.

    The default value is 20.

    The minimum value is 1.