Translating the Web Portal local resource files
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Translating the Web Portal local resource files


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Translating the Web Portal local resource files

To use the Web Portal with a custom language, you must translate the local resource files that the Web portal uses to the target language.

Each file is named in the pattern filename.aspx.resx. You copy each file and rename it in the pattern filename.aspx.language code.resx

The language code is the ISO 639-1 standard two-letter abbreviation for the language, such as es for Spanish or fr for French.

You then use Visual Studio 2005 to open and translate each of the files.

lists the files you must copy and translate. The table groups the files by directory.

Table: Web Portal local resource files



Installation Directory\​Symantec\CCS\​Reporting and Analytics\​WebPortal\​App_LocalResources:


Installation Directory​\Symantec\CCS\​Reporting and Analytics​\WebPortal\​Errors\​App_LocalResources:

  • Error.aspx.resx

  • PMError.aspx.resx

  • RAMError.aspx.resx

Installation Directory\​Symantec\CCS\​Reporting and Analytics\​WebPortal\​PolicyModule\​App_LocalResources:

  • AddCommentsPage.aspx.resx

  • ClarificationDetail.aspx.resx

  • ClarificationPolicy.aspx.resx

  • Default.aspx.resx

  • ExceptionDetail.aspx.resx

  • ExceptionPolicy.aspx.resx

  • PolicyApprove.aspx.resx

  • PolicyDetail.aspx.resx

  • PolicyPendingApproval.aspx.resx

  • PolicyReview.aspx.resx

  • RequestException.aspx.resx

Installation Directory\​Symantec\CCS\​Reporting and Analytics​\WebPortal​\QuestionnaireModule​\App_LocalResources


To translate the local resource files

  1. On the computer that hosts the Web Portal server, use Windows Explorer or a similar tool to locate the directories in .

  2. Using Windows Explorer or a similar tool, make a copy of each file in . Rename each copy filename.aspx.xx.resx.

  3. Open each copied file in Visual Studio 2005, and translate the items in the Values column to the target language.

  4. Save the translated files in the same directories as the original files on the Web Portal server.