Creating email virus policies


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Creating email virus policies

Symantec Brightmail Gateway installs with several preconfigured virus policies that are enabled by default. In addition to these policies, you can create your own custom policies. Content filtering, spam, and virus policy names must be unique. For example, if you have a content filtering policy called XYZ, you cannot have a spam policy or virus policy called XYZ. Email virus policies are enabled by default when you create them.

See Default email virus policies.

See Modifying email virus policies.

See Enabling or disabling email virus policies.

See Deleting email virus policies.

See Copying email virus policies.

To create email virus policies

  1. In the Control Center, click Virus > Policies > Email.

  2. Click Add.

  3. In the Policy name box, type a name for the virus policy.

  4. Under Conditions, click the Apply to drop-down list and choose to which type of message the virus policy should apply:

    • Inbound messages

    • Outbound messages

    • Inbound and Outbound messages

      This option specifies where this virus policy is available on the Virus tab when you configure a policy group.

      For example, assume that you choose Inbound messages and the If the message contains a mass-mailing worm condition. This virus policy is only available in the Inbound mass-mailing worm policy list when you configure a policy group.

  5. Click the If the following condition is met drop-down list to select a condition.

    See What you can do with suspicious attachments.

  6. Under Actions, click the Perform the following action drop-down list and select an action.

    See Selecting virus policies for a policy group.

    For some actions you need to specify additional information in the fields beneath the action.

    For example, assume that you select the action to Forward a copy of the message. A box appears in which you can type of the email address of the person to which you want to forward the message.

  7. Click Add Action to add more actions, if needed.

    See User interface action combinations.

  8. Under Policy Groups, check one or more groups to which this policy should apply.

  9. Click Save.