Deployment troubleshooting
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Deployment troubleshooting


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Control Compliance Suite Windows




Deployment troubleshooting

lists possible deployment problems and their associated causes and resolutions.

Table: Deployment troubleshooting




Failed Directory Server Installation

The domain account credentials used for the component are not valid.

Supply valid credentials.

The c:\Windows directory does not allow software to be installed.

Change the permissions on the c:\Windows directory to allow software installation.

Active Directory is not available.

Install and configure Active Directory before installing the Symantec Control Compliance Suite.

The C:\Program Filesdirectory on the Directory server host is compressed.

Uncompress the C:\Program Files directory on the Directory server host. Reinstall the ADAM instance.

Installing Active Directory Application Mode manually

Certificate does not match specified computer

The ping utility has different results for the target computer when run from the Directory Server and from the target computer itself.

Correct network errors to ensure that the same information appears when pinging from all computers.

Incorrect certificate type specified during certificate creation.

Create a new certificate of the correct type.

Application Server install wizard rejects Directory Server credentials

The domain account credentials used for the component are not valid.

Supply valid credentials.

The credentials that should be specified are those used to log on when the Directory Server was installed, not the ones supplied during the installation.

Supply the user credentials used to log on when the Directory Server was installed.

Application Server, Directory Server, or Data Processing Service fail to start

Host computer does not have internet connectivity or connections to the VeriSign web server is blocked.

Provide access to the VeriSign Web server the first time the service starts. You can also disable certificate checking for all components on the host. Finally, you can manually download the Certificate Revocation List from VeriSign and install it on the host.

When installing with Remote Desktop Connection, installation logs are deleted when the user logs off.

Logs are stored in the %temp%\csmsetup. The folder used for the &temp% folder varies depending on the type of user logon. Files in the %temp% folder are deleted automatically when a Remote Desktop Connection user logs out.

Manually copy the log file to another folder after the installation is complete but before logging out.

During the installation, an error message appears. The error message indicates that the state of the secure channel cannot be verified.

The computer has lost its secure channel with the domain.

Rejoin the computer to the domain.