Symantec ESM troubleshooting


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Symantec ESM troubleshooting

lists possible problems with Symantec ESM and their associated causes and resolutions.

Table: Symantec ESM troubleshooting




Cannot classify ESM 6.0 agents as different UNIX computers.

ESM 6.0 uses the OS details field in a different way than ESM 9.0 does.

Update the ESM agents with SU 34 or later, then execute the Agent Information module on each ESM 6.0 agent.

In Symantec Control Compliance Suite 9.0, import all ESM 6.0 Assets and create an Update reconciliation rule with the "If an asset being imported exists in the asset system" condition and the "Update the specifying fields of an existing asset with the fields of as asset being imported” action. Use the Only Selected fields option when you add the update type and select OS details in the Available Fieldslist.

Update the ESM.Agent.RegisteredName, ESM.Agent.ESMManager, ESM.Agent.OSVersion, ESM.Agent.Platform, and ESM.Agent.OSDetails fields in the file <Install directory>\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and analytics\Applications\Data Collectors\ESM\ESMAgentAsset.csv.

Configure the CSV data collector and import the ESMAgentAsset.csv file.