Panel TEN0025 not always displayed for expected Top Secret security messages
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Panel TEN0025 not always displayed for expected Top Secret security messages


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



When signing on to TPX, panel TEN0025 appears for some users and not for others.

Expecting TSS7000I and/or TSS7001I messages displayed to users on panel TEN0025 during signon to TPX.


First, verify that you are not suppressing these messages in your SAMT (Security Action/Message Table).

From the default SAMT TOPS:

Security Action/Message Table: TOPS
 Return Code/                 Cursor      Suppress
  Message ID      Action     Position     Message
   #DFLTMSG                                  N
   #DFLTRC          R        SNUSERV         N
   #0007000                                  N
   #0007001                                  N

With this setup, any TSS7000 or TSS7001 should not be suppressed.

Second, check if the Top Secret FACILITY specification for TPX includes NOLUMSG and NOSTMSG:


This is a Top Secret Security control option established at TSS startup. LUMSG is TSS7000I and STMSG is TSS7001I. When both are set to NO, the message only appears for ACID accounts designated in any way as an administrator. This information is in the CA Top Secret for z/OS Control Options Guide (r14 on PDF pages 83 and 89).

TPX is operating correctly. When neither message is produced from TSS, TPX has no TSS message to relate following sign on and takes the terminal operator directly to the TPX session selection menu, panel TEN0041.

To get TSS to produce either of the two messages, and to get the TEN0025 panel to always appear, code LUMSG/STMSG instead of NOLUMSG/NOSTMSG respectively.


Release: NVINAM00200-5.3-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package