CAS9579E - Product = J152 Initialization program ACFAEINT not loaded


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A problem can occur when upgrading CA COMMON SERVICES (which includes ENF) from release 11.0 to release 14.1. After the upgrade, when ENF starts the following message is presented:

CAS9579E - Product = J152 Initialization program ACFAEINT not loaded



z/os 2.1, CA COMMON SERVICES 14.1, ACF2 15.0



The error message is being generated due to the presence of a DCM (data control module) in the ENF parameter file resulting in the failed attempt to load its related initialization program. In this case the failure to load ACFAEINT is a result of having a DCM statement defined for J152DCM2. Here, both ACFAEINT and J152DCM2 are CA-ACF2 related elements.

CA-ACF2 DCM J152DCM2 was delivered by CA-ACF2 r5.1 and CA-ACF2 r6.0. These are both old unsupported releases.

CA-ACF2 DCM J161DCM2 is the currently supported DCM. This will load initialization program CAKSCINT, which must be accessible to ENF either via STEPLIB or LINKLST.



To resolve the problem, remove the DCM(J152DCM2) statement from the ENF parameter file (ie. ENFPARMS). If you require ENF/CICS and ACF2/CICS to secure your CICS regions with CA-ACF2 Security, than be sure to define the following two DCM statements in the ENF paramter file:





Release: CA90SV00200-14.1-Common Services-for z/OS