Upgrading from LogicBase 2007 to Workflow 7.0


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What do I need to know about upgrading from LogicBase 2007 to Workflow 7?


  1. Resources for Workflow 7.0 and detailed installation instructions can be found in the following locations:

    Altiris Product Documentation

    Workflow Swat (free videos and examples)

    Symantec Connect (user community forums)

    Altiris Knowledge Base

  2. Education and Training Seminars and Classes

  3. Workflow 7 (from here on, referred to as "Workflow") requires higher system requirements than LogicBase 2007 (from here on, referred to as "LogicBase"), and also requires the Symantec Management Platform (Altiris Console 7.0, a.k.a, SMP) as a pre-requisite. This involves three separate servers: one for SMP, one for Workflow, and a third for SQL Server 2005, which both SMP and Workflow can simulaneously use. (SMP uses the Symantec_CMDB database, while Worklow uses the Ensemble database.) Workflow cannot work on the same server as SMP. Review the following article for additional information on system requirements and on how to install SMP and Workflow:

    Workflow 7 Release Notes
  4. Workflow does not upgrade the LogicBase installation. By upgrading, this means in this case to uninstall LogicBase and install Workflow, then copy LogicBase projects to Workflow for re-publishing. The Ensemble database used by LogicBase should not be used for Workflow; use a new install (performed by Workflow) of the Ensemble database.
  5. Workflow is comprised of two parts: the Workflow Solution, which is installed into SMP as a license plug-in, and the Workflow Server, which is the "real" Workflow, that is installed onto its own server. Note: Wofkflow is not accessed by the Altiris 7 Console, other than using it to download the Workflow Server installation file and to license it.
  6. Make a backup of the LogicBase project folder, custom lib folder, deployed projects, and Ensemble database before performing any upgrades and copy them to a safe location.
  7. LogicBase and Workflow cannot be installed on the same server. The LogicBase Server, Studio or Ensemble must be completely uninstalled from the system before installing Workflow, if the same server is needed to be used.
  8. The licensing mechanism has changed for Workflow. Workflow uses the Altiris Notification Server (SMP) to assign and process licenses for Workflow Designer (LogicBase Studio), Process Manager (Ensemble), and the Workflow Server (LogicBase Server). Contact Licensing to obtain a registration key for Workflow. Once you receive this, download this from:

    Symantec License Portal

    Once the license is aquired, this is installed into SMP's Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) to license Workflow there.
  9. Once SMP is installed, install Workflow Solution using SIM.
    1. In SIM, go to Install new products.
    2. Change the Filter: Suites dropdown to Filter: None.
    3. Find and select Symante Workflow Solution (what ever the currently listed version is).
    4. Click on the Next button.
    5. Follow the installation wizard installation steps.
    6. Back on the main SIM page, go to Add/Update licenses.
    7. Click on the Install licenses button to install the Workflow 7 license file.
    8. After the license is installed, Workflow 7 Solution installation is complete. Next, the Workflow Server will need to be installed onto its own server.
  10. After Workflow Solution is installed, open an Altiris 7 Console to download the Workflow Server installation .exe file. 
    1. In the Altiris 7 Console, go to Settngs > All Settings > Service and Asset Management  > Workflow.
    2. Click on Manage Workflow Servers. Note: The Workflow Servers panel may display incorrect information. This can be safely disregarded. Also, the Distribute Workflow Components is not used.
    3. Click on Download Symantec workflow Server and Designer (All license levels). This will download the install .exe. Take this to the server intended to be the Workflow Server.
  11. Run the install .exe on the Workflow Server. This installs Workflow Server and Workflow Designer. Refer to the Release Notes and product documentation for information on how to install Workflow Server.
  12. Once Workflow Server and Designer are installed, LogicBase projects can copied to the new server be upgraded. Load these in, run them in Debug to make sure that no modifications may be needed (which may be the case), then save and publish these. Note: Integration projects should be opened first before normal projects that use the integrations.
  13. Naming for project types has changed:

    Harmony = Workflow
    Maestro = Decision
    Metronome = Monitoring
    Composer = Forms (Web or Win)
    Virtuoso = Integration