Enable debug logging for Endpoint Protection Manager API Service


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Endpoint Protection




To enable debug logging for the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager API Service (semapisrv), open the following file:


Modify the log value for the following two sections from WARN to DEBUG:

<!-- Package specfic debugging logs -->

        <logger name="com.symantec.sepm" additivity="false">
            <level value="DEBUG" />
            <appender-ref ref="dailyRollingFileAppender"/>
        <!-- Default log level. Loglevel for catalinaWs.out being redirected to file -->
            <level value="DEBUG" />
            <appender-ref ref="rootDailyRollingFileAppender" />

Once the values are set, save the changes to logback.xml and restart the Endpoint Protection Manager API service.  

  • Note: Versions 14.2, and 14.2 MP1 have debug logging enabled by default for the API service.  14.2 RU1 is at WARN, however, enabling FINEST logs in conf.properties will now increase the API log level for you.