Comparing entitlements


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Control Compliance Suite Windows




Comparing entitlements

You can compare the entitlements of a control point, only if the control point is approved at least once.

The current entitlements are compared with the latest approved entitlements.

To compare the entitlements

  1. Go to > Manage > Entitlements > Control Points.

  2. In the table pane, select a control point that you want to compare and select Compare Entitlements.

  3. The Compare Entitlements dialog box presents the following details.

    Control Point Details

    Presents the following details about the control points:

    • Asset type

    • Domain/ Workgroup name

    • Machine name

    • Directory name

    Entitlement Comparison

    Lets you select the entitlement type that you want to compare.


    Displays a record of the change in entitlements in the form of rows added, removed, changed, and unchanged.

    View Rows

    Lets you select a filter from the drop-down list. You can choose to view only the rows that were added, removed, changed, or unchanged.

  4. Click OK to close the dialog box.